Recover Canada                                    
Product Stewardship Services for the Mattress Industry

sustainable and safe mattress recycling solutions for municipalities, consumers, retailers, hoteliers, and educational and government residences

Powered by its sustainable model of mattress recycling through reuse, Recover Canada alone can offer a sustainable solution to every sector:

  • Affordable dropoff and pickup services for consumers discarding mattresses
  • Mattress recycling to end of life, and reverse logistics services for furniture retailers
  • for hotels and motels: cost-effective renovation, resale, replacement, and recycling  
  • Sustainable, bedbug free, mattress recycling for municipal waste management and sanitation departments
  • For all clients, elimination of bedbugs hitchhiking on discarded mattresses
  • Bedbug remediation and salvage of mattresses and other property contaminated by bedbugs

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